Every centavo counts and this is an accepted reality when you become a parent. You learn to cut costs and save wherever you can. So here are some tips that could possibly boost your savings when doing groceries:

1.) Create a fixed budget

It is very important for you to have a clear idea of your budget for groceries. Closely track your spending to determine how big the portion you should set aside for grocery shopping is.

2.) Make a grocery list and stick to it

Try to be less impulsive when doing grocery by sticking to what you have put on your grocery list.

3.) Plan your meal ahead of time

Since you are at home, you can closely check and regulate the food diet and nutrition of your family. By meal planning and preparation, you can determine the ingredients needed for the menu and then buy strictly what’s on the menu.

4.) Shop on a full stomach and when you are feeling calm or happy

Some researchers say that when you are hungry or starving, you tend to stock up on anything. You will buy less snacks and take-out food. Furthermore, when you shop feeling calm and happy you tend to create better choices.

5.) Try to compare prices of grocery stores in your neighborhood

Prices differ on varying grocery stores. That is why you have to widen your scope in checking out grocery shops. Do not settle for temporary convenience if you are missing out a lot on money savings you can get.

6.) Buy grocery essentials in bulk and calculate before you bulk up

It is necessary for you to have a calculator when you do grocery shopping. When you are grocery shopping on a budget, be sure to look closely and compare the price per unit of the desired item you are buying.

7.) Don’t buy more than you need

Everybody loves promotional items and a good deal. But do not be fooled getting suckered into buying stuff you don’t really need. If it wasn’t part of your grocery list, do not buy it. You will end up paying more on unnecessary items than on essential goods.

8.) Avoid bringing the whole family when grocery shopping

Kids always see something that isn’t on your list and you do not want to pay for extra when your bill exceeds the supposed budget.

9.) Be eco-friendly and try to bring your own bag

Some supermarkets now require reusable bags when shopping or else you are forced to pay a few pesos for a single plastic bag when you check out of the counter. Some stores will also give you a discount from the total grocery bill for bringing in a reusable bag. Remember, savings are savings!

10.) Ignore eye level items

Did you know that some of the most expensive items on the grocery tend to be right at your eye level? It’s a simple marketing strategy but it’s on purpose. Grocery stores are smart. They want you to go splurge for items. Instead, you could try to look more closely at the prices, search up and down on the shelves, look and compare for best buy items rather than picking items at the level of convenience of your eyes.

So get yourself a pen and paper to list all the necessary items, lock down a budget, and check out our round up of proven tips and tricks on saving money on groceries!