Before going on to an actual vacation, you need to prepare a lot of things. One of the most important things you need to prepare is money. You cannot be just staying in your hotel room on the entire duration of your vacation. You need to have a clear goal on how will your dream vacation will look like. You need to research about some interesting places you plan to go on your vacation- this way you can save time and energy.

Some people don’t go on vacations when they feel there is no money at hand. Traveling can be an expensive activity if you do not approach it with a plan. But did you know you can still be able to save a few bucks while on vacation?

  1. You need to prepare ahead of time

Seat sales and hotel and experience travel bundles are becoming much of a trend now. Certain airline companies, hotel companies and travel agencies offer a lot of money-saving deals online. However, you do not want yourself to be lured away by their marketing tactics and end up paying a lot of debt during your travel. It always important that before travelling to your dream destinations, you need to plan it ahead of time. You need to have enough travel funds first before reaching that dream destination of yours. As much as possible, do not be lured away by those seat sales being offered on travel sites or you might end up wasting money because of not being able to fulfill that advance booking of yours.

  1. Read magazines or travel blogs to start planning your journey

It is very helpful to read and learn things in advance. It puts you in a situation wherein you start seeing yourself in those places, fulfilling your ambition and motivation to reduce spending and save.

  1. Go on a Do-It-Yourself Itinerary

Travelling at your own pace and having a limited budget can also help you save money during travels. Read blogs and books to serve as a guide on your DIY trips.

  1. Look for transportation deals and book affordable hotels

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of seat sales and amazing travel deals you can avail online. There are seat sales on almost every holiday or occasion in the Philippines. So with the right timing, it is not exactly hard to find and get a good deal if you are booking on a budget airline. Moreover, travelling light can also help you save a lot during your vacation. Avoid baggage fees. Bring only the proper kind of clothes during your trip, pack smartly and maximize your free baggage allowance. Furthermore, aim to find a budget hotel or accommodation when deciding for a trip. Smart travelers don’t usually dwell on the service and amenities anymore as long as the bed and room is clean and the environment is safe.

  1. Bring “baon”

Foods in other places can be expensive. So sometimes, if the hotel or hostels you are staying in does not provide breakfast, you can opt to bring cup noodles, cereals, or even light canned goods. Depending on your liking, it is alright to be thrifty on food but don’t forget to enjoy and indulge yourself from time to time.

  1. Use local transportation

Paying for chartered vehicles or taxis can be a lot costly than paying for local transportation. With a little bit of research and help from the locals, you can easily take a local bus or jeepney for a fraction of the price.

  1. Handle “pasalubong” wisely

Filipinos have a strong practice on the “pasalubong” culture but family and friends would understand if you have a limited budget, so do not feel pressured and stressed to buy loads of it.

  1. Have a daily budget

For you to be able to keep track of your vacation outgoings, you need to have a clearly stated budget for your daily “gala”. You should set and follow this budget so you will not end up getting more money from your savings. It is essential to be strict in following your budget. Travel up to the level of your savings. Your savings should tell you how will your lifestyle be or how will you splurge on your vacation.

It is okay to spree yourself on the good things in life sometimes. But you need also to be watchful of the things you buy or you want to buy. You need to think of questions like- will I be able to benefit from these things in the future? Or how much is the value of this things five years from now? Learn to balance your needs from your wants.