Getting the Best Value for your Bucks when Vacationing

Getting the Best Value for your Bucks when Vacationing

Before going on to an actual vacation, you need to prepare a lot of things. One of the most important things you need to prepare is money. You cannot be just staying in your hotel room on the entire duration of your vacation. You need to have a clear goal on how will your dream vacation will look like. You need to research about some interesting places you plan to go on your vacation- this way you can save time and energy.

Some people don’t go on vacations when they feel there is no money at hand. Traveling can be an expensive activity if you do not approach it with a plan. But did you know you can still be able to save a few bucks while on vacation?

  1. You need to prepare ahead of time

Seat sales and hotel and experience travel bundles are becoming much of a trend now. Certain airline companies, hotel companies and travel agencies offer a lot of money-saving deals online. However, you do not want yourself to be lured away by their marketing tactics and end up paying a lot of debt during your travel. It always important that before travelling to your dream destinations, you need to plan it ahead of time. You need to have enough travel funds first before reaching that dream destination of yours. As much as possible, do not be lured away by those seat sales being offered on travel sites or you might end up wasting money because of not being able to fulfill that advance booking of yours.

  1. Read magazines or travel blogs to start planning your journey

It is very helpful to read and learn things in advance. It puts you in a situation wherein you start seeing yourself in those places, fulfilling your ambition and motivation to reduce spending and save.

  1. Go on a Do-It-Yourself Itinerary

Travelling at your own pace and having a limited budget can also help you save money during travels. Read blogs and books to serve as a guide on your DIY trips.

  1. Look for transportation deals and book affordable hotels

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of seat sales and amazing travel deals you can avail online. There are seat sales on almost every holiday or occasion in the Philippines. So with the right timing, it is not exactly hard to find and get a good deal if you are booking on a budget airline. Moreover, travelling light can also help you save a lot during your vacation. Avoid baggage fees. Bring only the proper kind of clothes during your trip, pack smartly and maximize your free baggage allowance. Furthermore, aim to find a budget hotel or accommodation when deciding for a trip. Smart travelers don’t usually dwell on the service and amenities anymore as long as the bed and room is clean and the environment is safe.

  1. Bring “baon”

Foods in other places can be expensive. So sometimes, if the hotel or hostels you are staying in does not provide breakfast, you can opt to bring cup noodles, cereals, or even light canned goods. Depending on your liking, it is alright to be thrifty on food but don’t forget to enjoy and indulge yourself from time to time.

  1. Use local transportation

Paying for chartered vehicles or taxis can be a lot costly than paying for local transportation. With a little bit of research and help from the locals, you can easily take a local bus or jeepney for a fraction of the price.

  1. Handle “pasalubong” wisely

Filipinos have a strong practice on the “pasalubong” culture but family and friends would understand if you have a limited budget, so do not feel pressured and stressed to buy loads of it.

  1. Have a daily budget

For you to be able to keep track of your vacation outgoings, you need to have a clearly stated budget for your daily “gala”. You should set and follow this budget so you will not end up getting more money from your savings. It is essential to be strict in following your budget. Travel up to the level of your savings. Your savings should tell you how will your lifestyle be or how will you splurge on your vacation.

It is okay to spree yourself on the good things in life sometimes. But you need also to be watchful of the things you buy or you want to buy. You need to think of questions like- will I be able to benefit from these things in the future? Or how much is the value of this things five years from now? Learn to balance your needs from your wants.

Getting the Best Out of your Retirement Plans

Getting the Best Out of your Retirement Plans

According to Julia Kagan (2020), “retirement planning is the process of determining retirement income goals and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals.” Retirement planning involves identifying sources of income, estimating expenses, implementing a savings program, and managing assets and risks.  Basically, retirement plans involves financial strategies that will sustain one’s self during retirement.

Referring to the financial hierarchy of needs again, this is the point of your life where you will enjoy all the saving and budgeting journey you did when you were younger. Financial success doesn’t just end on saving, managing and investing. Financial success has also to do with planning for life after paid work ends. Sound retirement gives you security and peace of mind in your old age. This is the time where you need not to hustle more. This is the time where you enjoy your pensions, enjoy financial freedom and indulge on the things and estates you have invested on when you were younger.

There are several benefits of retirement planning ranging from financial to personal and psychological level especially in the Philippine setup.

(1) Peace of mind

Planning ahead reduces stress, worry and insecurity during retirement. Some lack of planning creates a lot of uncertainty around the topic that create unprecedented level of stress. Retirement age is the age of relaxation and enjoyment. This is a time where you can enjoy all the assets your family made during your working age.

(2) Cost saving

You don’t want to end up being a senior citizen with regrets not having saved up for retirement sooner. It is advisable that you waste no time and plan for your retirement and your husband’s retirement while you are still young.  Building a retirement fund assures that you will live comfortably with financial security.

(3) Get out of debt

You will be able to appreciate the benefits of your retirement plan if you have cleared all your debt before you stopped working. Unpaid debts may only give worry to your family and you may end up paying for the debt you incurred previously rather than splurging your retirement money on the things you like.

(4) Prepare and contextualize pre-retirement decisions

If you take time to plan for your retirement sooner, you will be able to make more efficient career-related and your general financial decisions prior to retirement. With this, it can help you visualize your future plans and plans after you stop working. You start thinking and preparing- what will happen to you now? What now?

(5) Your SSS pension will never be enough

Do not assume that your SSS pension and your husband’s pensions will bear the same amount as your work salary. You will need to level your lifestyle according to your SSS pension.

(6) Your children are not your retirement fund

Build your own retirement fund. It is an accepted fact that parents invest everything they have to raise their children right; however, it is not true that your children will forever be indebted to pay for your retirement benefits when you reach old age- it defies the law of financial independence.

(7) Life longevity

In this era, old people are expected to live longer. Imagine if you and your husband plan to retire at age 60 and you will live up to age 80 or more, how will you be able to sustain your daily consumption if you do not work anymore? What will be your alternative incomes? That is why, before retirement, you need to foresee and plan for these things.

To plan for your retirement properly, you have to consider:

  • Your target retirement age
  • How much money will you need for your retirement years
  • Where will your retirement income will come from
  • Which place will you retire
  • The lifestyle you want to maintain during your retirement
  • How will you build your retirement fund
  • How will you continue your long-term healthcare plans

How will you manage and protect your assets before and after you pass away

Build Better Websites & Funnels

Build Better Websites & Funnels

In this day and age, any business that wants to thrive must go online.

With so many things going on around the world, and global changes that will forever impact the way people live and do business, going online is no longer just an option.

Not only to maintain their success, but even just to survive.

Sure, there are tools that are already available that any business can use to run their entire company and processes digitally.

However, any minimum amount of research will tell you that most of these products are expensive, complicated and limited in customization.

In other words, not very user-friendly, and definitely not suitable for all business owners, especially those who are less tech-savvy and might even be on a budget.

I mean, who can afford to invest thousands of dollars a month into a bunch of complicated tools, and on top of that, hire employees to manage the systems, right?

Well, if this sounds familiar in any way, I have some good news for you.

As an online marketer and blogger myself, I am always looking for new solutions for these everyday challenges we face as business owners.

Today, I am very excited to introduce you to my latest discovery.

GrooveFunnels is, by far, the best way I have found to be able to build websites, sales funnels and sell digital products online.

The best part? It’s FREE.

But the free value does not end there…

You see, GrooveFunnels is not just a website and sales funnel builder.

The co-founder of GrooveFunnels, Mike Filsaime, is actually a veteran in the Internet marketing space, and has put all his experience and expertise into one of the best suite of marketing tools I have ever seen.

I’ve also signed myself up for an account (it’s free), and for the past few days, I’ve had the chance to play around with it.

And you know what?

I can definitely tell you that this 100% free tool is perfectly capable of running your entire business, maybe even better than some of the expensive complicated tools out there.

I’m not exaggerating by any means…

From what I’ve seen so far, GrooveFunnels includes everything that I need to run my online business, all for absolutely free.

Here’s just a quick list of what I’ve gathered so far:

  • FREE sales, page and funnel building platform
  • Possible to build my own branded websites with full navigation
  • Can integrate with my own custom domain name
  • Able to sell my products with what they call a 1-click upsell
  • Capability to integrate upsells, downsells, and order bumps
  • Even has a way to create my own powerful affiliate program for my products!

And that’s just for starters, because there is so much more for me to explore!

I’m not even joking when I say that I am planning to change my ENTIRE online business over to GrooveFunnels!

I mean, why wouldn’t I?

It’s FREE, and it’s probably the BEST suite of marketing tools I have ever seen in my life.

By the way, there’s more…

I didn’t even mention some of my favorite benefits of GrooveFunnels.

As a member, I’ve also received a TON of community benefits.

I’ve been able to join their private Facebook group, connect with marketing experts inside, get help with all my problems, access private training within their own academy, ask questions through their helpdesk, and meet other like-minded entrepreneurs just like me to make the best use of these tools.

So, if you’re like me… Striving to grow your business, looking to learn more about marketing and getting to know some of the best in the industry at a more personal level, then you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

Sounds great, right?

But you might be asking… what’s the catch?

The catch is that GrooveFunnels is free, but for a limited time only.

GrooveFunnels is in its pre-launch phase, which means that many of the products have still yet to fully launch.

When they do, and as the products continue to get upgraded, GrooveFunnels may no longer be free anymore.

This means that now is the time to sign up for your free account, which would also qualify you for the additional software upgrades that they make as time goes on.

Awesome deal, right?

It’s called being at the right place, at the right time.

And that’s where we’re at right now 🙂

Don’t wait any longer, because I’m honestly not sure when this free offer is going to go away.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for your free GrooveFunnels account right now, and I will see you inside of the Facebook group.

Can Drinking Tea (of All Things) Really Help You Lose Weight?

Can Drinking Tea (of All Things) Really Help You Lose Weight?

Is There Really a Relationship Between Drinking a Certain Tea & Losing Weight?

Could the Real Secret to Weight Loss 

Be Something as Simple as Tea?

By Elizabeth (Liz) Swann Miller


There I was standing in the wilds of Africa with a massive, red, venomous snake looking right at me and a single thought racing through my mind –“Why in the world did I risk my life for this cup of tea?”

The truth is, I was looking for what I considered to be the weight loss “holy grail” – a tea that legend claimed completely erased hunger pangs.

The story so intrigued me that I decided to leave the comfort of my home in the US and venture into a remote area of Africa populated by a Kenyan tribe to find out if the tales about this “voodoo tea” were true.

What I discovered changed my life, in that it has allowed me to lose 41 pounds of unwanted fat.

That’s right, the tea really exists (and it’s definitely not “voodoo”), plus it’s turned out to be even better than the stories let on.

You see, not only does the tea get rid of hunger pangs, it also activates your body’s natural ability to burn fat. On top of all that, it boosts your energy without relying on potentially harmful caffeine.

I’m going to tell you all about this incredible tea, including how you can get the recipe, in just a minute. But before I do that, let me explain in a little more detail how I ended up in the jungles of Africa.

The first thing you should know about me is that I have degrees in both Psychology and Naturopathy, and I’ve been a practicing Naturopath (ND) specializing in healing through nutrition for over 10 years.

Basically, what that means is, I help people lose weight and improve their health through their diet. Naturally, when I heard about this amazing tea, I was excited.

The fact that I heard the story while I was battling excess weight myself is ultimately what led me to Africa.

At that time, my pregnancy had taken an adverse toll on me. After multiple complications, I was put on bed rest. I spent 80% of my time stuck in bed, which forced me to give up the active lifestyle I loved.

I became sluggish. I felt exhausted all the time. Eventually, I developed a sweet tooth, and I absolutely lost control of my weight.

I felt like a fraud. Here I was helping people all over the country lose weight and get the bodies they wanted while I was lying in bed looking worse than I had in my entire life.

Honestly, I felt disgusted with myself, and even though my husband was very supportive, telling me he didn’t care what I looked like, I knew deep down he just wasn’t attracted to me anymore.

Finally, I decided to face the music. I got on the scale soon after having my baby and saw that I was 41 pounds over my target weight.

I couldn’t believe it. I went back to bed and cried.

If you’ve ever gained extra fat, if you’ve ever felt like your body was out of control, I know how you feel. More importantly, I now have a solution that works. It’s fast, easy, and tastes delicious. I’m going to tell you more about this tea in just a second.

This is the very same tea that helped me drop every one of those 41 hard-to-lose pounds. I feel that this stunning body transformation, coupled with the success stories of so many others who have followed my program, more than justify my “crazy” trip deep into the jungles of Africa.

Now, about that tea…

To put it simply, red tea has the most remarkable “fat-flushing” action I’ve discovered in 15 years of traveling the world as a Medical Maverick.

 I’ve seen some truly mind-blowing fat-loss results, but this red tea is by far the most impressive, most incredible thing I’ve ever discovered.

In studying the tea, I’ve learned that its 5 unique ingredients are scientifically proven to trick stubborn fat cells to open and release hard-to-lose fat.

That means it’s now possible to flush away years — if not decades — of unwanted fat simply by drinking this powerful beverage.

Without getting too much into the science and boring you, the five herbal ingredients basically work in harmony to transmit signals from your brain to your fat cells to burn unwanted fat. It allows you to shrink your fat cells without any feelings of hunger.

Up until now, one of the main problems with trying to lose fat (especially around your belly) has always been getting stubborn fat cells to “let go” of the “locked-in fat” so the body can “flush harmful toxins and fat away.”

Due to cutting-edge research, we now know that the hormone “Noradrenaline” may hold the key to unlocking fat cells and shrinking them.

In a landmark study at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), part of the NIH, researchers showed that Noradrenaline is an arousing hormone known to control cell volume. (NIH/National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. “Brain may flush out toxins during sleep; Sleep clears brain of molecules associated with neurodegeneration: Study.” ScienceDaily. (accessed July 2, 2017).

In other words, Noradrenaline is what causes the action of “the incredible shrinking fat cell.” It signals your body to start using your belly fat for energy.

Now here is the really good news:

People who drink this delicious red tea experience increased Noradrenaline production. That’s why they lose a lot of weight, particularly in the typically hard-to-lose belly area.

Let me repeat what I just said:

Results show that fat cell size and fat storing volume actually shrink when you drink this red tea!

That is revolutionary information – and the benefits of drinking this tea don’t just stop at weight loss.

When I started drinking this incredibly delicious red tea, my entire mood changed. Instead of being exhausted, I had a ton of natural energy.

This red tea was unbelievably refreshing, and when I drank it, I was never hungry.

Drinking red tea also helped me completely eliminate my soda addiction.

 I also noticed after a few days of drinking the red tea that I was sweating less. My breathing was easier, in spite of the intense African heat, which often rose to a scorching 105 degrees!

Plus, even though I was physically exerting myself on my travels in Africa, I actually had more energy than ever before.

I started sleeping better and waking up feeling more rested and refreshed. I was calmer and more relaxed, despite having to deal with the hordes of flies that were in the area!

And that’s still not all the benefits that I noticed: my stress level dropped, and I was happier than I’d been in a very long time.

Of course, the weight loss was what really got my attention. The weight was really falling off me.

I lost almost 20 pounds in the first couple of months.

That’s when I knew… I wasn’t crazy for making that trip to Africa. In fact, it was probably the best decision of my life! I think red tea might just be one of the biggest weight loss discoveries of the past 50 to 100 years.

It is certainly working for many people who have struggled to lose weight in the past. To learn about the five ingredients that make up red tea (all are available at the local grocery store), click here. You’ll also learn more about how red tea can help you lose weight and get the body of your dreams.

To discover how red tea can help you fix your own “fat-burning glitch,” visit The red Tea Detox today.

5 Essentials You REALLY Need to Nail Down Before Opening Your Online Store

5 Essentials You REALLY Need to Nail Down Before Opening Your Online Store

If there’s one industry that’s growing faster than ever before, it’s e-commerce.

In fact, by 2021 experts predict that this industry alone will be worth more than $4.5 trillion (that’s not a typo!).

Large-scale corporations have sophisticated websites, small brick-and-mortar businesses are continuing to build up a web presence, and even everyday people like you are opening up their own online stores every single day.

But just because this business is booming doesn’t mean it’s a cinch to tap into this market on your own.

And in fact, there are a number of fundamentals you need to understand before opening up your online store. Otherwise, you may end up being one of the 90% of online shop owners that fail within the first four months!

  1. Master the Multichannel Approach

Email, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, search engine rankings, referrals – these are all critical marketing channels that you need to learn how to take advantage of if your small business is going to succeed.

Relying on just one channel alone simply will not keep your online store afloat. So, before you launch your e-commerce store, be sure to familiarize yourself with as many different marketing channels as possible. One in particular is influencer marketing. When you master this, you can get others to spread the word about your product without any investment on your part (click here for more info!).

  1. SEO Matters – Especially for Businesses

Building up traffic to your store is obviously one of the best ways to ensure your long-term success. However, doing so can be tough, especially since ranking on search engines like Google is harder than ever.

If you want your store to show up on the front page of search results, you need to do some research into search engine optimization (a.k.a. SEO). The better your site’s SEO, the higher it’s going to rank.

Content marketing is a great way to boost SEO. Start a blog. Write in-depth articles about your products. Include case studies, product reviews, and tutorials. Also, don’t forget to include an About Us page along with contact info. The more you can fill out your site with useful information, the better search engines like Google are going to rank your page.

  1. Testimonials, Testimonials, Testimonials!

This one’s easy – include lots of testimonials! Testimonials are one of the most effective ways of convincing an audience to buy your product. Video testimonials are great, but text ones work just fine too. Either way, a review from a happy customer can go a long way towards bringing in more sales.

  1. Nail Down Your Marketing Strategy

Even if you have the best product on the market, that doesn’t mean customers are going to be naturally drawn to your online store. Sadly, the Field of Dreams approach (“If you build it, they will come”) just doesn’t work in business.

And that means you have to do the work to bring them in. Time to beef up your marketing. A comprehensive marketing strategy is one of the biggest differentiators between a successful online business and a flop. It keeps your customer pipeline full, helps inspire trust in your audience, and primes your prospects for a sale.

A solid marketing strategy, then, is one of the best tools you’ll ever use during your e-commerce career. Investing in a program to help you fine-tune your strategy (like Shopifortunes) will usually end up being the best choice you’ve ever made for your business.

  1. Truly Understand Your Audience (This One Is Key!)

A groundbreaking product is only going to bring in revenue if it’s targeted towards the right audience. Someone looking for a knife isn’t going to buy your spoon no matter how great that spoon is!

That’s why in order to succeed, you really need to do your research before attacking a market. What are these customers looking for?

Shopifortunes Course Info

Shopifortunes Course Info



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