Joey Bajar



My Story

For the past nine years, I’ve been working as freelancer. I was able to work with different clients with different business niche. In this case, I’ve earned the opportunities to learn a lot of Digital Works and Digital Skils.

Most of my time in Freelancing we’re spent in working as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist and in Web Development as well. This has been my bread and butter for my family for years although, clients are just come and go and this is just normal case in Freelancing.

Until recently, I accidentally became an “Entrepreneur” and “Affiliate Marketer” at the same time due to a lot of research and by reading books and also by reading success stories of some well-known millionaires in online business industry.

These things triggers me to dream my business model and dig more how to start this business.

I had to admit that this online business opportunity where I am right now is really a big different. It gives me more time freedom specially to my family but most specially, a time freedom in serving the Lord.

My passion has transformed in writing e-books that helps people resolve their particular issues and struggles in life in terms of financial status, moral issues and relationships with their family and God.

Selling other person’s products has been my other option in parallel with writing and selling e-books that basically changed my lifestyle.

I can boldly say that these are really a blessings from above… To GOD be the Glory!!

Entrepreneur / Affiliate Marketer

Joey Bajar

Money Savings Entrepreneur